Returning to Work from Extended Leave?

Returning to Work from Extended Leave?

Easing the Transition Back into the Workplace

Heading back to work after maternity leave brings with it such a mix of emotions. The prospect of being ‘more than just a mum’ can be quite exciting, how lovely it will be to have a day of fewer nappies to change and maybe wear something white without the fear of some random puree all over it by lunchtime!

But it can also be quite daunting. You’ve changed, so it’s quite possible that things at work have changed too. You’re probably a little bit worried that you’ve forgotten how to do it all especially given just remembering what day of the week can be a challenge after sleepless nights! And then there’s childcare to think about too. Maybe you don’t want to go back full time but don’t know how to approach the Flexible working conversation.

Completely normal feelings and something that any mum relates to. I’ve rounded up some great resources to help ease the mental load.

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